Accompanying the first day of the LA Textile Show on March 26, we've launched an educational campaign about Oeko-Tex® 100 certification. This rigorous testing and certification process ensures that textiles, textile products, and accompanying processes are free of more than 300 harmful chemicals. Buhler has been issued the highest level of certification available for our yarn products including Supima cotton, MicroTencel® and MicroModal®. This ensures that our products are consumer safe from intimates to infants.

Although well known in the European textile supply chain, the US market has been less informed on certification benefits to consumers, employees and the environment alike. Our goal is to help move the US market towards a greater knowledge of this invaluable certification. Additional certification-specific info is available at the Oeko-Tex website

In their March 26th issue, California Apparel News has written a Special Section all about the certification process, the organization behind it and some of the industry players in the United States.

Visit Don' for more information or download the Oeko-Tex/Buhler Press Release here.


Not easy to do.  It takes long term commitments not only in making decisions about sustaining the operations, but in people and creating an environment where people feel empowered.


"FabricLink's Top 10 Innovations for 2010."

Texollini Inc.

Texollini Inc. launched it's new A.P.T (Advanced Performance Textiles) family of knitted fabrics in 2010. From Concept to Creation to Finished Product, Texollini's A.P.T fabrications include proprietary constructed textiles to meet specific requirements. From yarn to finishes to the newest technologies, Texollini's relationships with creative yarn spinners, fiber suppliers, and advanced finishing technologists, as well as its superior in-house technicians, Texollini is a top choice for creating new performance and technical apparel fabrics.

Texollini's made-in-America state-of-the-art vertical capabilities of knitting, dyeing, finishing and printing guarantee quality, care, confidence and reliability. Plus,its manufacturing capabilities are all in-house in California. The A.P.T. HYBRID line of textiles is used for military applications, as well as for applications in medical and athletic end-uses.

A.P.T properties include: moisture management, antimicrobial nano-technology, water repellency, and properties including FR in multi-blends for military applications, as well as aloe/vitamin E treatments for medical uses. The collection is available in a variety of constructions including fleeces, meshes, and jerseys.


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Q&A about MicroTENCEL®

Q:  What is MicroTENCEL®
A:   MicroTENCEL® is the brand name for Lenzing’s microfiber lyocell (generic name) fiber.

Q:  Where is the MicroTencel® fiber made?
A:  MicroTENCEL® is made in Austria by Lenzing.

Q:  Is there help available to develop MicroTENCEL® fabrics?
A:  Victor Almeida, who is responsible for Buhler Quality Yarns Technical Service and Sales,will be working with customers to create the best fabrics from construction through wet processing.

Q:  When will MicroTENCEL® be available?
A:  Micro Tencel will be available, in the U.S.A., April 2010.

Q:  What are the benefits of MicroTENCEL®?
A:  MicroTencel® is a sustainable yarn.  It has the inherent performance features of strength,moisture transfer and the natural inhibition of bacteria growth.  All while providing superior softness and comfort.

Q:  How does MircoTENCEL®® compare to TENCEL®?
A:  MicroTencel® is a finer denier fiber than traditional TENCEL®.  It has more fibers in any given cross-section of the yarn  providing additional strength and softness while maintaining the features of moisture transfer and the natural inhibition of bacterial growth.  MicroTencel® will be available in finer count yarns not previously available in Tencel.

Q:  How is MicroTENCEL® made?
A:  MicroTENCEL® is made of Eucalyptus wood, FSC (Forest Stewardship Council) certified pulp in a closed loop process that  won Lenzing the “European Award for the Environment” by the European Union.

Q:  How sustainable is MicroTENCEL®?
A:  MicroTENCEL® is derived from FSC certified Eucalyptus pulp which means that it is certified to be derived from responsibly managed forests.  It is made in a closed loop process using a non-toxic solvent and can be dyed using less dyestuffs, water and sodium.

Q:  Does MicroTENCEL® fulfill any certification requirements?
A:  MicroTENCEL® is derived from FSC certified pulp and the fiber is certified to the Okeo-Tex 100 standard.

Q:  What yarn sizes are available?
A:  20/1 to 60/1 Ne with S and Z twists available. 

Q:  What types of fabrics are most suitable for MicroTENCEL®?
A:  Buhler will work initially with mills creating circular knits and seamless fabrics however in the future all types of fabrics will be possible.



Buhler Quality Yarns Quality in every single Fiber

Lenzing MicroTENCEL®  is our latest ring spun yarn. This New Age fiber is derived from Eucalyptus wood pulp processed in a closed loop system using non-toxic solvents.  The manufacturing process does achieve Okeo-Tex 100 certification and the wood pulp is FSC certified.  The MicroTencel fiber is finer than our MicroModal and offer physical and functional properties not inherent in Modal.  Yarn counts offered in this blend ranges from 20/1 to 60/1 Ne.
US Supima® and MicroTencel® achieves a perfect all natural blend enhancing the performance and comfort of any apparel application. Consumers will be most impressed with its lasting strength, sheen, and comfort.  

US Supima® with TransDry TM from Cotton Incorporated is our latest exciting yarn development for moisture management. Most moisture management is in the form of synthetic fibers and yarns. This new technology is 100% Supima cotton. Test conducted thus far provide evidence that this product out performs many of the moisture management products out in the market today - you know who they are. All wear- test all have come back with a similar response - "It is more comfortable to wear than the synthetics."

US Supima® Ringspun is manufactured from finest American Supima®- Cotton. Yarns made out of this premium, extra long staple fiber can be knitted or woven into softer, finer and more luxurious fabrics. Because of the fineness of Supima® cotton, more fibers can be spun into a yarn of a given count, which will enhance the feel and softness, drape ability and color-brilliance of a fabric. With US Supima® Ringspun , highest productivity in subsequent processing and a perfect quality of the finished product can be achieved. The high fiber strength leads to an improved durability and an excellent performance in the finishing process.

Available with Fashion Slubs!!! 
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US Supima® and Micro Modal combines the properties of Lenzing Micro Modal and combed, extra long staple Cotton. Micro Modal, made from European beech wood and combed, extra long staple cotton are the perfect combination for luxurious appearance and supple comfort. Fabrics made from US Supima® and Micro Modal are distinguished by a soft and silky hand, which remains unchanged even after numerous washings. Due to the high dimensional stability in dry and wet state, fabrics from US Blend Micro Modal Cotton are ideal wherever superior quality is most important.

Lenzing Micro Modal, the fiber US Modal Micro is spun from, is exclusively based on European beech wood. A soft and cool hand, combined with a flowing drape, are the characteristics making textiles from Micro Modal an incomparable experience. Even after numerous washings, fabrics from US Micro Modal remain soft and silky, the colors bright and shiny. Micro Modal is gentle to the skin and provides highest comfort. As the skin can breathe, it remains always dry. Thanks to Buhler’s expertise in ring spinning, the outstanding fiber properties can be transferred into the final product perfectly. Top-quality is our commitment.
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Learn more about our Supima and MicroModal yarns. Design your apparel with long last quality. Made In The USA.
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Learn the truth about Bamboo fiber processing. The truth is not always know. A UGA professor investigates and publishes the findings.
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